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Thread: GunZ on Linux

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    GunZ on Linux


    • Ryzen 2700x
    • GTX 1050ti (free drivers, proprietary drivers seem to not work. Going to test soon)
    • 32Gb DDR4
    • M.2 NVME 1 Tb Harddrive

    • Manjaro Linux (XFCE Edition, Arch Linux based Distro)
    • Wine, Winetricks, and Lutris


    • Get Wine and Winetricks from your package manager
    • Run the following from your terminal
      sh winetricks corefonts vcrun2010 vcrun2012 gdiplus dotnet40 dotnet45 msxml4
    • Work through the installation, it takes forever
    • Install GunZ using WINE (should just have to run the installer)


    • International GunZ (
      • Launching
        • Everything seems to work out of the box. Game updates fine with the launcher, though the launcher interface looks a little wonky

      • Settings
        • Updating settings works fine, certain settings don't change anything. You'll want to turn shaders off, they seem to lag the graphical framerate, though the logical framerate stays steady.

      • Quests
        • Everything seems to be working

    • m2o GunZ (
      • Launching
        • Everything works

      • Settings
        • Game crashes when you update settings, but if you edit config.xml it works.

      • Quests
        • Everything seems to be working.

    • Freestyle GunZ (
      • Launching
        • FGunZ does not work out of the box. The launcher failed to update files, and after manually updating the files, it failed to get past the bitmap loading screen.

    • Community GunZ (
      • Launching
        • cGunZ works out of the box. Launcher correctly updates everything.

      • Settings
        • cGunZ crashes when you attempt to update settings. It fails to create config.xml. I was able to get it working by copying config.xml from another server and editing it manually.

      • Quest
        • Everything seems to be working.

    I'm going to be testing out a few servers to see if they run out of the box. Individual developers can address bugs here and fix them (if they deem it necessary). Please post your results if you are a linux user.


    • Oblivic (
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