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Thread: A primer on Weapons and Items

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    A primer on Weapons and Items

    GunZ has a variety of weapons and items that each have unique reasons to use them. This guide seeks to highlight where you would use specific equipment sets, as well as which ones to avoid.

    My name is Hymnosi, and this is's guide to weapons and items.

    First, lets look at melee weapons and their potential uses. Please check out our guide to GunZ Styles before continuing, as I will be using terms found in that guide for brevity.

    Daggers are the cheapest, lightest, and least damaging melee weapon in the game. They are primarily used by D-Stylers in deathmatch style game modes. Additionally they may find use in quest mode due to their lightweight and the lack of need for a melee weapon.

    • Daggers' primary attack is a single stab that can be repeated indefinitely.
    • Daggers' special attack is a lunge that has a significantly long cooldown, but can knock your opponent to the ground rapidly.

    Katana (Sword)
    Katanas, or "Swords" in international editions, are medium weight and the highest damage melee weapon in the game. They are primarily used by K-Stylers in all game modes.

    • Katana's primary attack is an attack chain that hits 4 times. In the air it slashes once with a moderate cooldown.
    • Katana's special attack is an uppercut which launches the opponent into the air and can knock them to the ground if they do not safefall (see Special Moves for safefall definition).

    Kodachis are dual wielded swords that are high weight and medium damage. They are primarily used by K-Stylers, but due to their weight see much less usage in deathmatch type game modes. Gladiators, historically, have seen some use out of the Kodachi due to certain changes in how the primary and special attack function.

    • Kodachi's primary attack is an attack chain that hits 4 times. In the air it slashes once with a moderate cooldown. The first two attacks in the attack chain come out significantly faster than Katanas.
    • Kodachi's special attack is an uppercut that can be used while moving. It launches the opponent into the air and can knock them to the ground if they do not safefall.

    Next, let's look over GunZ's ranged weapon selection and when you would use them.

    Pistols are the lightest weapons in the game, but also have the lowest damage in the game. They are rarely used in any game mode.

    Revolvers have the highest accuracy in the game and heavily pierce through AP. Players use revolvers with k-style and d-style in deathmatch style games, as they have the highest effective damage at the furthest range. They are considered extremely difficult to use.

    SMGs (Sub Machine Guns) have the lowest accuracy in the game, but deal an extreme amount of damage. Generally these are used at lower levels when shotguns, rifles, and high damage revolvers are unavailable. They are also extremely heavy making it hard to include them in your loadout as you will have significantly less hp and armor than other players.

    Shotguns are a unique weapon that has a spread pattern that ejects as a cone. The spread pattern is completely random, but at close range deals the highest damage in the game. Shotguns are commonly used by k-stylers as the single shot nature of shotguns complements the advanced movesets.

    Rifles are high accuracy medium damage weapons that can be used at a long range. They are commonly used in quest as a single target high damage weapon as they have the second highest damage per magazine value, behind machine guns.

    Machine Gun
    Machine Guns are medium damage, low rate of fire, and have a very very large magazine size. They are commonly used in quest due to how ammo mechanics work. They have the most damage per magazine. Additionally, machine guns lower your base movement speed by 10% while active.

    Rocket Launcher
    Rocket Launchers are a unique projectile weapon that deals splash damage on hit. The rockets have travel time and are very difficult to deal significant damage with. A unique effect is that rockets can hit through block and around corners, but the damage dealt is often not considered worth it. They are very heavy, and also slow you down by 10%, similar to machine guns.

    Last, lets talk about items, which are utility objects that can only be used a certain amount of times per life. They replenish when a round ends or when you die.

    Med Kit/Repair Kit/Ammo Kit
    Theses are droppable canisters that, when picked up, restore a certain amount of hp, armor or ammo. You can also give these to other players to pick up.

    Frag Grenade
    These are your standard grenades with a set fuse time that starts when thrown. They deal a significant amount of damage but are difficult to hit with.

    Flash Grenade
    These are grenades that, after a fuse time, will blind any user looking in its direction. They don't deal damage and can hit your own teammates and yourself. Enemy blindness depends on how direct they were looking at the flash grenade. Players still have full movement after being affected.

    Smoke Grenade
    Thesse grenades, after a fuse time, emit clouds of smoke that obscure an area. They are widely regarded as useless, as you can generally see through the smoke unless multiple cans are used.

    Elements are an equippable item which gives your melee weapon a special effect on massive. They are named after the canonical elemental Gods of Astra.

    • Fire (Canopus) - Grants a burning effect that deals significant damage to armor first, then hp)
    • Ice (Enia) - Grants a ice effect that disables special movement abilities and reduces walking speed.
    • Poison (Giston) - Grants a poison effect that deals damage directly to hp, ignoring armor)
    • Lightning (Winscar) - Grants a lightning effect that temporarily stuns a player in the air.

    Please share this guide with beginners, and like it if you found it helpful.

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    I am missing the largesword/bigsword one.

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