GunZ is a unique game with multiple layers of gameplay. This guide seeks to explain what the community has come to call "Styles" of gameplay. While there are many derivative styles, there are 3 main gameplay styles you will run into.

My name is Hymnosi, and this is's introduction to styles.

Styles are sets of common techniques to play the game with, and are generally based on what you are capable of doing with specific weapons. There are three primary styles you will encounter in GunZ, and each has a relatively unique feel.

Originally stood for "European Style" and was defined as the original style of the game, essentially how the game was designed to be played. It does not include any glitch movements. You will generally see E-Style by brand new players and players who grind quest mode. The reason E-Style is popular in quest is that monsters pose very little threat and the weapon best suited for the mode is the Machine Gun, which benefits from long durations on the ground.

Stands for "Korean Style" due to it being discovered in Korea and brought to english players via a Korean player named Kraise. It requires a Katana or Kodachi to be equipped and uses animation cancelling to enhance player movement. You will see K-Style in deathmatch and team deathmatch, clan war and any other PvP mode that involves ranged weapons. It is considered the easiest of the glitch movements, and makes up the vast majority of players skillsets.

Stands for "Dagger Style", and is the dagger counterpart to K-Style. It, obviously, requires a dagger equipped to do, however many of the moves in D-Style can be performed moderately well with a katana or kodachi. Still, there are quite a few moves in D-Style that can not be performed that way, giving it a very unique look and feel. It is considered much harder than K-Style and requires much tighter timing for most moves.

There are several notable sub styles that fill niches in specific game modes.

Generally considered a subset of K-Style, Gladiator is a unique set of skills which involves the interactions between attacking and defending with Katanas and Kodachis. While dagger can be used in gladiator, it is not recommended due to it's extreme disadvantages in range and damage.

Med Style

Named after Med Kits, the item that you need to use, Med Style is a subset of E-Style which focuses on tricks that combine wall running and wall jumping without any type of glitch based cancels. It is not used for combat, it is mostly used to demonstrate specific routes on maps that you can use to move silently and reload on the move.

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