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Thread: We're Not Dead Yet.

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    We're Not Dead Yet.

    The year is 2021, after a global pandemic, the game is in one of the best states its been in for years. Around a thousand -- maybe more -- world-wide playing this game. No matter where you are in the word, you can connect with people from all different backgrounds just by playing this game. Something you don't get nearly as much by playing modern games with regional servers. Yes, a bit is lost with the addition of antilead, but without it, playing across the planet wouldn't be possible.

    Tough times are still ahead. UGG is still up and for some reason people still play it. I'm surprised monk hasn't been shunned by the community yet. FGunZ is seeing player counts it hasn't seen in years. And the server with imho the strongest development team behind it has an average of about 1 players daily (iGunZ). But people are slowly finding this game, and people come back to this game with nostalgia for the arthritis. This game has something that no other game has. And we're lucky to still be around -- even with the private server situation as it is, I'm thankful we at least have this game around in the first place.

    Imagine if Masangsoft C&D'd private servers. Not just Pls and Monk's servers -- even the servers that we know are safe are taken away from us, and if we couldn't play the game at all after 2013 until steam GunZ came out. God knows when the fuck that's coming out. That's not happening. This game is still around for people to play. For us to play. We're not dead yet, so let's not let GunZ die now.

    Do everything you can for this game. You might just be one person. But you're not just a drop in the puddle like if you were in any other community. You're one in a thousand -- not one in 5 million. You're a larger fraction in this community. You mean something here. Share the game. Hit up your old buddies from grade school. Share the game on your socials. If you have OBS (BECAUSE YEAH I KNOW YOU PROBABLY HAVE IT DOWNLOADED NERD), record some replays and toss them up on Youtube. Stream on Twitch and get some clips. Talk about it on Twitter. post shit quality hand cam recordings onto instagram. I don't fucking know. THIS. GAME. IS. NOT. DEAD. YET. It only dies when we all let it die, and I'm going to fucking carry its corpse on my back if nobody else will.

    Happy New Year.

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    Hell yeah, This actually hyped me up!

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