Hey, It has been a while.

I have been lurking around and noticed that more and more features are added to GunZ The Duel Private Servers, but what features do you like the most and what would you like to see on a Private server?

Here is my list.

Freestyle GunZ Implanted a GEM system but quickly noticed that it was being abused duo to it's over powered gems and removed the feature, then again if they polished it a bit more it would have been a very unique feature to the game itself. I have seen pro players questing just for the gems and those were fun and good times rather then just being constantly competitive in Clan Wars, it was fun.

Hero Gamers brought the anti-lead feature which has turned GunZ into a new era, it holds very big value to the game and will never go away. The feature allows us to aim and shoot at people despite them living far away from us leaving out the whole leading part that the game came with. It is nice and i'm used to it now but in my opinion leading took greater skill, you would have to aim at certain area's depending on what kind of ping players have making almost every game you play a challenging one rather then just simply aiming.

International GunZ has really surprised me with their Bot Feature and Replay System improvements, you can record yourself and let a bot do exactly what you are doing i thought this was very amazing and honestly well executed. The team at IGunZ really out did them self and i'm looking forward to seeing a lot more amazing out of the box things for GunZ, Then again the replay system improvements are amazing as well there is finally a slow motion option and you can now go to certain points. Of course they aren't the only servers out there now with these improvements to the replay system but then again they were the first one executing the improvements.

In my opinion these are very nice features to the game but what features do you like the most and what would you like to see on a GunZ The Duel Private server?